Personalized Cancer Care for Pets of New England

Pets are treasured members of the family. We are fortunate that we can offer them the same high level of care that a human family member would receive. At Animal Cancer Care Specialists, we provide specialized veterinary oncology care to improve and maintain quality of life for your dog or cat with cancer. As beloved, loyal companions, pets deserve nothing less. Our board-certified veterinary oncologist, Dr. E. Michael Romansik, has more than 14 years of clinical experience. He personalizes the treatment of your pet’s cancer to the unique needs of the patient, with consideration to the desires of the family.

With his specialized training in veterinary oncology, Dr. Romansik offers many options for treatment, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and advanced diagnostics when necessary, including digital radiography, ultrasound, and CT. Our veterinary oncology services are available at two locations in New England, including Westford, MA and Windham, NH.

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